Monday, June 19, 2006

Episode 15: Doctor Who, The Crew, and Some Brew Too!

The PodCulture crew has traveled thru time and whipped together a very special episode for you.....a Doctor Who themed episode.

Before the main show begins, the crew discuss a few DVDs, TV shows, and movies including: Sound of Thunder, Stargate: Atlantis, and Underworld: Evolution.

Glenn chats for a quick bit about some comics he's picked up such as Wonder Woman, and Underworld.

This time Geek Cuisine is all about Junior Mint Chews.

Then the real fun begins. The usual gang is joined in studio by Darrin and the almost silent audience member Eric, and the whole group discuss the TV show Doctor Who (past, present as well as future) Darrin gives a brief rundown of who The Doctor is, and what he's all about. Then we discuss favorite episodes, favorite doctors and companions as well as compare the classic series to the new series currently airing.

Ally contributes another one of her reviews...this time about a remote controled Dalek toy.

TONS of details, tibits, and nuggets are talked about, far too many to list here in the shownotes.

Special thanks for in this episode go out to Andrea for her voicemail she left on the voicemail line (206) 338-3POD, Chris from Two Girls and a Podcast for her voicemail contribution as well, Jill from The Signal podcast for a wonderful piece of Doctor Who themed music she sent us, and BIG thanks to Stuart Duncan for his continued contributions of iTunes art and logos that he sends to us and for the very cool posters that he mailed to us too.

Promos for this show include: The Whocast.

Download Episode 15 Here

Recording news, notes, and THANKS!

OK gang....I just wanted to take a quick moment or two away from editing Episode 15 to fill you in on a couple of things.

Starting with Episode 15 we will shoot for releasing the new episodes on a Monday or Tuesday night rather than the Saturday or Sunday nights we have done in the past. Since we record the show every other week, this move will effectively give me an extra weekend to edit and "tweak" the show a bit more.

And on that note......

The audio quality for Episode 15 will be a bit rough in some places. We recorded the show in a slightly different location that our other shows, and we tried a few experiments during the recording process as well. Some things turned out OK, some other things.......well not so much. Please bear with us, even with the rough patches, we think you'll really like what we have on tap for you!

Also one last thing before I'm a total jerk and forget to say something: a THANK YOU. Goes out to the folk who sent us in audio comments, and recordings for the's folk like you who keep us doing what we do.

Finally MASSIVE, SPECIAL thanks to Stuart Duncan (the guy that does our fantaboulous iTunes artwork) He was awsome, and mailed us several very cool posters will all kinds of geek stuff on them. Thanks Stuart....they will look quite shiny haning on the studio walls!

Well, that's all for now.....I'm off to go toil over an audio mixer!


Thursday, June 08, 2006

SERENITY Screening Shindig 6/23/06

Allrighty gang. On FRIDAY June 23rd 2006. The Bluegrass Browncoats are having a SERENITY screening shindig at the PodCulture Studios. Donations will be collected for Equality Now. Space is somewhat limited so head over to the Bluegrass Browncoats website and RSVP ! Love to see y'all there.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Episode 14: Crisis On Infinite Computers

From a computer crisis to a doozy of a migraine, nothing is keeping the PodCulture from bringing you yet another wacky episode of fun-filled mayhem!

Glenn talks about his continuing Ebay adventures and the treasures he has found (an Alan Scott Green Lantern mini ring bust)

Christina and Brad continue gushing about their recent addiction to the TV show Lost. Other DVD and movie talk includes Spiderman 1 & 2, X-men 3 (as well as the first two), Doctor Who and Robot Chicken.

Brad and Glenn geek out about the resurgence of comics and some of their recent comic book purchases. Discussion includes: Batman & Robin, 52, Infinite Crisis, Buckaroo Bonzai, Kolchak, Blue Beetle, Last Planet Standing, Fantastic Four, Spike vs Dracula, Green Lantern, New Avengers, Guyver and Loaded Bible: Jesus vs Vampires. The discussion also turns to classics like the Crisis on Infinite Earths maxi-series and how 2006 is it's 20th aniversary.

The Geek Cuisine section this time is all about the yummy goodness that are Hershey's Caramel Sticks.

The gang trade some convention-going stories as well. Glenn also shares his personal experience of running a convention as well, and the fun stuff that goes into that.

The special musical guest for this episode is Luke Ski with the song Wannabe a Slayer.

Download Episode 14 Here

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Episode 14 Delayed

Hey guys..... I just wanted to let you all know that there will be a slight delay of a day or two on Episode 14 coming out. I've been sidelined the past day or two with a wicked migraine, and just haven't been able to edit that show together yet. I am really sorry for the delay, and I promise to get it out ASAP. (I'm hoping either Monday or Tuesday). Thanks for hanging in there!


Friday, June 02, 2006

A listener request..........

A listener requested that we post a pic of the crew. Well we haven't taken any yet of all of us together, but in the meantime until we do here is a pic of myself and Christina.