Monday, May 21, 2007

The PodCulture forums are moving soon !

Hey gang....just wanted to let yall know that with the big episode 50 coming soon there will be some big changes to the PodCulture forums.

The PodCulture forums will be spinning off into their own little corner of the cyber-verse over at We will be cross-posting at the original forums over at for awhile as a transition period. We really want to thank Adam (aka Casivona) for all the work he's done in setting up the original forums for us and allowing PodCulture to hang out here while we were first getting started in the podcasting world.

The changes will really be effective when Episode 50 is put out, however if you want to get an early start in the new forums, head over to and check them out! There is also a link for the NEW forums here on the main PodCulture page. (left hand column about half-way down the page)

Again thanks to everyone who has posted here, and who has supported us while we have been a part of the BGBC site. The original PodCulture forums will always be very special to us. We hope to see you on the new forums soon!




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