Sunday, March 25, 2007

Episode 41 --- From Here To Bear - Part B

Before we begin, we take a moment to ask our listeners to help support our friend, Joe Murphy (of The Kickass Mystic Ninjas, Slice of Sci-Fi, and Michael and Evo's Wingin' It). Joe is fighting a tireless and terminal battle with cancer, and needs the support of all the listeners who's days have been brightened by podcasting. If you can afford it, please consider donating to the Joe Murphy Fund. If you can't donate monetarily, any prayers or positive thoughts would be wonderful. There are too few good people in the world, and our hearts break at the thought of losing one such as he.

After an introduction by Jack from Wander Radio, the triad of geekdom returns!

This week starts of with the boys and their spoils from the comic shops. They discuss Civil War, the life (and death?) of Captain America, and whether or not Punisher will take up the shield. We all welcome Buffy Season 8 comic, as we try to convince Glenn to actually watch the end of season 7! We continue with Stephen King's Dark Tower, Civil War-The Confession, Wonder Woman #5, New Avengers #28, Green Lantern Corps #10, Battlestar Galactica, Amazing Spider Girl #6, 52-Week 45, Toyfare Magazine, Doctor Who Magazine (and the audio books by Big Finish) and Image Comics Invincible. Christina is horrified by the Ghost Rider action figures, and Brad gets a smile out of the Marvel Super Hero Squad Punisher/Ghost Rider pack.

Geek Cuisine this week is a case of curiosity killing the appetite, as our guests, Ashlee and Todd, request"experience" of the Jones Soda holiday extravaganza of a few months back. Want to know what exactly Ashlee did for a dollar? Listen, and find out!

Glenn gets us into the post-apocalyptic guilt of Zardoz for this installment of Guilty Pleasures. We discuss the work of Sean Connery, and John Boorman of Excalibur and Deliverance fame. Glenn likens the film to the novel Dancers At The End Of Time by Michael Moorcock, and leaves us with the riddle of the origin of Zardoz title.

Promos this week are courtesy of The Strangely Literal Podcast, and Doctor Who Podshock. (If you listen really hard, you can hear Christina counting the days until the third series of Doctor Who begins!)

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stargate Louisville: Episode 3 --- State of the Gate - a mini episode

YES! SGL is back....well sort of.
The sister podcast to PodCulture returns and a huge apology to those who have been waiting for new SGL content. This isn't exactly what we wanted to do, but until we get geared back up and running again; please enjoy this micro-mini episode of SGL!

In this episode

Brad apologizes for the delay in SGL and gives some info on what is to come in the future.

Special thanks to Zimrahil of Chulak for a wonderful review on the SG1 epiosde "Bloodlines"

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Episode 40 --- From Here To Bear - Part A

It's a gaggle of geeks this week, as the PodCulture crew welcomes their guests, Todd and Ashlee, into the studio!

The crew begins regaling their seeing Ghostbusters this week with fellow podcasters, Scott (of Two Geeks, a Mic and a Podcast), Tabitha, and Randy (from All are excited about the summer lineup of Midnights at the Baxter, which includes such cult classics as They Live, Robocop, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Ashlee joins in, discussing a webcomic she's been following, called Drawn By Pain.

Glenn supports our dvd-watchers across the pond with his newly-purchased Danger Man, and The Prisoner DVD sets. Brad and Christina have picked up Veggie Tales: Moe and The Big Exit, the second season of Stargate Atlantis (oddly, with much commentary by SG-1 star GaryJones), Casino Royale, and the precariously packaged Sliders: Season 1 & 2. Glenn's happy with his new Guyver 3 dvd, while Brad & Christina are struggling to catch up with their usual fare of The Class, How I Met Your Mother, and Battlestar Galactica, and are counting down the days until Doctor Who returns. Ashlee finds quality content in abundance on the internet, and mentions Red vs. Blue as a favorite. We entreat our fans to guilt Glenn into watching Heroes, now that he's FINALLY catching up with Lost. Todd discusses some of the popular castaways. Got a Lost character you'd love to rescue, or one you'd like to see locked in a hatch forever? E-mail us!

Stuart provides us with his first (of many, we hope) submission of "Stuart's Sci-Fi Classics", with the unsinkable James Cameron's "The Abyss".

Todd and Ashlee wish PodCulture a happy 40th episode by supplying Geek Cuisine in the form of a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

Karen from Kalifornia gets a giggle out of Glenn with her submission "You Know You've Been Playing World of Warcraft Too Much When..."

Toy Talk is a special one! The PO Box had Glenn's name written all over it this week with Action Figure News & Toy Review, and Sentai magazines from listener Mike, both featuring Guyver. Brad picked up a classic Battlestar Galactica ship at Wal-Mart, and shows off his new Razr phone, while Christina adds two new Build A Bears to the count.

Brad goes on to tug at our childhood heartstrings with the epic hunt for his long lost bears, that after thirty years, with a little help from Christina, and the magic of Ebay, has a very happy ending. You can read (and see pictures) at Brad's LiveJournal. Do you have a story about a lost childhood toy, or one about a beloved stuffed animal you've managed to hang onto? Tell us!

Promos this week come courtesy of the boys at Two Geeks, A Mic, And A Podcast, and our friends at Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas. Our prayers are still with you, Joe.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Tatooine

Here is something I ran across on the website: A Different Point of View

Hope all you geeks out there enjoy!


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Episode 39 --- Monkey Monkey Fritos - Part B

We start off this week's episode by getting our guilty on with Glenn's Guilty Pleasures. Inspired by Zero Woman, Glenn sends the WTF factor through the roof with Beautiful Hunter. They discuss the appeal of kickass women while Brad and Christina encourage him to buy the 3rd series of Angel in order to appreciate Amy Acker.

Geek Cuisine is generously sponsored by Jill at The Signal, with unbelievably decadant Leonidas chocolates from Harrods, at Knightsbridge. Rule Britania! Our most grateful thanks!

Toy Talk finds Glenn getting the RAM runaround from Tiger Direct after purchasing a new computer. Brad and Christina share their Valentine's Day presents for each other as only geeks can. Christina received the Official Visual Companion of Firefly Volume 1, and Wicked: The Grimmerie, and she got Brad Stargate SG-1: The Ultimate Visual Guide, and a subscription to Playboy. Chicken soup for Brad's soul this week came in the form of DC's Showcase Green Lantern volume 2, and the Green Lantern Corps HeroClix set. The trio discuss the marketing tactics of World of Warcraft, while Brad and Christina talk about Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz for the Wii.

The ultimate new toy this week, however, is Brad's new mixer!

As the show attempts to close, the trio discusses remakes and sequels. They note the classic Willy Wonka versus Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as well as Johnny Depp's performance inspiration past, present, and future. Christina discusses her apprehension for the Tim Burton's film adatptation of Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd. The conversation turns to mysteriously-present-during-murder characters such as Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote, and Sam and Dean of Supernatural. Continuing, they speak about War Games, The Producers, and the "new groovy" series Rules of Engagement.

Finallly, they wrap up the week with the upcoming Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and the soon-to-be released second season of Justice League Unlimited.

Promos this week are for The Scapecast and The 9th-A Heroescast, and our musical interlude is (Christina's favorite) winner of the Jonathan Coulton Code Monkey remix contest.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Episode 38 --- Monkey Monkey Fritos - Part A

The geeksome threesome comes at you this week full of tantalizing television and movie madness.

Glenn opens up the evening with his review of Ghost Rider, comparing the movie adaptation to that of another comic blockbuster, Fantastic Four. Glenn also adds to his dvd collection with Ultraman, Series 1 volume 2, the Hellboy Collector Set, the third series of Millennium, Invincible Iron Man, and talks of Irwin Allen's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, as well as the Doctor Strange preview.

The triad thanks Mike and Steve over at Podholes for their review of the show.

The tube makes boobs of us all this week, as we gush about our favorite shows. We discuss (and differ) about Jewel Staite on Stargate Atlantis (SPOILER WARNING). Glenn enjoys the budding Chiller TV, showing a marathon of Friday the 13th The Series. As always, Lost, Battlestar Gallactica, The Class, and How I Met Your Mother get a mention. Brad and Christina are giddy with Whovian joy for the past episode of Heroes, and easily see Hayden Panettiere, as a recast of Buffy, in our fantasy universes. The trio introduce The Dresden Files into the roster, and anticipate Claudia Black making a cameo in the Dresden universe. Glenn compares The Prestige and The Illusionist.

Geek Cuisine this week is courtesy of one of our listeners in the form of curiously textured Gummy Luau Skeletons, and Glenn makes Christina's day with a box of Morning Spark.

Music this week is granted to us from Jonathan Coulton's competition to remix his song, "Code Monkey". Tune in next week for another of the winners.

Promos this week include Firefly Talk, and The 9th a Heroescast.

Class participation this week: If you could recast a new series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer today, who would you cast in each role, and why?

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