Sunday, May 27, 2007

Episode 49 --- The Nifty Before Fifty

This week we find the geeksome threesome on the cusp of their 50th episode!

Glenn is making headway with his Dangerman boxed set, has picked up 4400 season 3, looks forward to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, and Wonderfest here in Louisville. All that, but the siren song of World of Warcraft still beckons.

Christina grimaces at the news that there is a Sims movie in the works, and Brad's been burning a hole in his Marvel Ultimate Alliance game disc. Glenn put aside his Alliance game for Ghost Recon and Halo 2.

Geek Cuisine is a Raspberries & Cream Hershey bar.

To keep Glenn spoiler-free, Brad and Christina kick him out of the studio while they discuss the power of three, both Series 3 of Doctor Who, and the 3 episodes of Drive. The most recent Who episode, "Human Nature" based on the novel by Paul Cornell has Christina noting the performance of Thomas Sangster formerly seen in Love Actually, and Brad loves the appearance of Richard Brooks on Drive. They allude to a more in depth discussion of this months season(and series) finales, and look forward to catching up with Supernatural -both the show and comic.

Glenn returns, happy in the fact that he's picked up the Adventures of Superman on dvd, and liken the technology to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Christina looks forward to Monster Squad being released as a 20th Anniversary set.

Brad and Christina talk about "42" of Doctor Who, and then Christina and Glenn geek about Zoolander. Brad introduces our new PodCulture Forums , and we lie SGL to rest for now.

There is no Guilty Pleasure this week, but fear ye not, the next episode will require three times the penance!

Promotions this week include The Who Cast, The Cup Car Update, and The Scapecast.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

The PodCulture forums are moving soon !

Hey gang....just wanted to let yall know that with the big episode 50 coming soon there will be some big changes to the PodCulture forums.

The PodCulture forums will be spinning off into their own little corner of the cyber-verse over at We will be cross-posting at the original forums over at for awhile as a transition period. We really want to thank Adam (aka Casivona) for all the work he's done in setting up the original forums for us and allowing PodCulture to hang out here while we were first getting started in the podcasting world.

The changes will really be effective when Episode 50 is put out, however if you want to get an early start in the new forums, head over to and check them out! There is also a link for the NEW forums here on the main PodCulture page. (left hand column about half-way down the page)

Again thanks to everyone who has posted here, and who has supported us while we have been a part of the BGBC site. The original PodCulture forums will always be very special to us. We hope to see you on the new forums soon!



Sunday, May 20, 2007

Episode 48 --- The House That Geek Built - Part B

After ratings month, Glenn returns to us with news that he's still watching Lost, and the trio anticipate the season finale, and contemplate the series end. Will it come to an annoying end like Dallas or The Newhart Show? Is it better to have a finite end, or be in limbo like Babylon 5? Noting Lost actors in other roles, we mention Brick and Pulse.

Glenn has picked up Pan's Labyrinth and The Fountain, and we look forward to his reviews. That is if any of his free time remains after World of Warcraft and Wonderfest.

Our geek toy segment has Randy from reprising his role as Glenn, and talking about the new Transformers Movie swag. Christina shares the story of Brad bested by the Optimus preview figure, and gleams over the JLA and Flash shirts she found at Wal-Mart.

Christina and Brad thank the guys and gals from the Geekshow universe for a fabulous weekend, and encourage our listeners to check us out in our guest spot on Geekshow's 50th episode.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Jayhawk35 aka Mark for his Doctor Who, Primeval, Tripping The Rift, and Red Dwarf dvds! You're the best, Jayhawk!

Comic talk this week finds Brad and Randy covering Green Lantern Corps #12, Amazing Spidergirl, New Avengers #30, Wonder Woman, JSA Classified-Green Lantern, Alex Ross' Justice, the final issue of 52, Fantastic Four, Runaways 25 & 26, Green Lantern #18, Justice Society of America, Supernatural:Origins, Astonishing X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Countdown. We discuss the idea of "cannon" versus "non-cannon" material in fandom, giving Buffy and George Lucas/Star Wars as an example.

Get your guilt on this week with Glenn's review of the Asian Assassin flick called Beautiful Beast.

FINALLY someone sent Glenn a dollar! Thanks to Cap'n Fatpants, aka Kevin, for Glenn's very own PodCulture dollar!

The trio closes with respect for the Guitar Hero 2 players that we know ("Freebird!").

Promos this week come courtesy of The Kickass Mystic Ninjas, The Cup Car Update, and The Babylon Podcast.

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Glenn got his dollar!

Yep after years and years of begging and pleading (well ok really just 48 episodes) Glenn was FINALLY sent a dollar! Check it out:

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Episode 47 --- The House That Geek Built - Part A

Brad and Christina happily welcome Randy from who was gracious enough to play Glenn's understudy this week!

We open with what's tickled our TV fancy this week. Randy gives us alternate insight into Heroes, and hypothesize on next season. We welcome the news that DOA is finally going to have a US release, and ruminate on the last few episodes of Doctor Who. Have we seen too much of the Daleks? To our Whovian friends, do you have a favorite Doctor Who villain?

Continuing with TV talk, we share our thoughts on Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Raines, and Veronica Mars. Are we done with Mars Investigations? From Supernatural to Superman, we cover the Winchester brothers, and Smallville. The ghosts of shows past and future make an appearance as we discuss Nathan Fillion's short-lived Drive, and Summer Glau's soon-released Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The boys await the Transformers movie with a healthy mixture of trepidation and glee, and discuss Beast Wars along with the new Transformers toys.

Geek Cuisine this time around is the English Nestle Drifter bar.Thumbs up all around!

Thanks to The Signal this week for their Sci-Fi Review comparing Star Wars to Firefly.

Promotions this week come from our dear Mason Rocket via the Joe Murphy Memorial, Tee Morris' Billibub Baddings, and musical guest is Beatnik Turtle with Star Wars (a film like no other), and Were All These Beer Cans Here Last Night.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Episode 46 --- More Than Meets the Ear - Part B

Sorry for the delay in show notes. Christina had a craptastic week of doctor (sadly not THE Doctor) visits, and she wasn't at her notes-writing best.
Kindly stepping into Glenn's working shoes this week is Indiana Jim from the Things Are Looking Up podcast.

Jim shares his insight into Star Wars, and we talk about how George Lucas should (or shouldn't have) changed his movies. Discussing the evolution of special effects, we weigh the question of whether or not it benefits the movie, and serves the die-hard fans, to update effects in film. We debate the importance and placement of some of the more annoying characters in the Star Wars films, such as Jar Jar, and the Ewoks. Can knowing the backstory of a character such as Darth Vader change how we feel about them? Christina and Brad bring up Wicked by Gregory Maguire, and how the sympathy we fostered for The Wicked Witch has forever changed how we view The Wizard of Oz.

Guilty Pleasures this week comes from Glenn's Sirens of Cinema magazine in the form of Hundra. The She-Ra to Conan's He-Man, it's a titan clashing good time.

Geek Cuisine freezes our taste buds with Hot Tamales Ice.

Promos this week come from Mason Rocket at the Joe Murphy Memorial, and in honor of Joe, our musical interlude is a harmony of podcasters performing Jonathan Coulton's "The First of May".

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