Sunday, April 29, 2007

Episode 45 --- More Than Meets the Ear - Part A

Welcome back to Geekland! We start this episode with Glenn's lamentation about not being able to see the Spiderman 3 premiere because of the Kentucky Derby, and Christina has spent her birthday recovering from a pulled wisdom tooth.

Never fear, the fun returns as our trusty dvd players have been working overtime this week. Glenn's still watching Dangerman and Lost, and we discuss the action figures. He's bought Smokin' Aces, Deja Vu, and Night At The Museum, sparking a difference of opinions about Ben Stiller's talent. Christina mentions the sci-fi epic, Supervolcano. Brad and Christina have been watching Heroes, Doctor Who, and the Stargates. We discuss the annoyance of the breaks between shows like Battlestar Galactica and Torchwood, and Painkiller Jane is next to watch. Finishing up Justice League Unlimited sparks talk about the Aquaman pilot on the XBox 360, as well as the "Justice" episode of Smallville, and David Ogden Stiers playing Martian Manhunter in an ill-planned movie. Speaking of ill-planned, the trio agree that the casting of Matt Damon as Green Arrow in the in-the-works "Super Max". Matt Damon's movies Dogma, the Bourne trilogy, and Good Will Hunting get called to the stand. To complete the WTF factor this week, we say hello and goodbye to the Fox series, Drive, and despite the fabulousness of Annie Lennox and Josh Groban, question the sanity of the American Idol Empire. Christina gives a brief review of Paolo Nutini's new cd.

In our game worlds this week, we come up against Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the XBox 360, Ghost Recon, and Halo 2 maps newly available. Brad and Christina introduce Webkinz as their current favorite time spender, and Glenn's enjoying the interactivity of the Spiderman 3

Strap on your sweet tooth, and get ready for the post-Easter Geek Cuisine. We enjoy Cadbury's Orange Cream Eggs, Cadbury's Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs, and Vanilla Cream Hershey Kisses.

*Christina's most humble apologies to Tabz for confusing the confectionery goodness she graciously mailed. Trust me, they're being thankfully enjoyed!*

The promo this week comes courtesy of the Podcasting Track at Dragon Con this August (see you there!), and we thank Tabz from the FanTabzulous and Strangely Literal podcasts.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Episode 44 --- ThunderCats Over Louisville - Part B

Prepare for your penance as this week's show opens with Glenn's Guilty Pleasures! This time it's District B-13, written by Luc Besson, of Fifth Element fame. The battle between subtitles and dubbing wages on! Which do you prefer? Reading subtitles and watching a film in its native language, or hearing dubbing actors "interpret" a script?

New toys are abundant this week! Thanks to Browncoat Tabz (of the Fantabzulous and Strangely Literal podcasts), the boys have cool superhero and World of Warcraft toys. Not to be left out, Christina receives a cd from Adam Bush's band Common Rotation, and enough chocolate to make the Easter Bunny jealous. Thanks, also, to Mark "Jayhawk" for The Runaway Bride and Tom Baker's Sci-Fi Quiz dvds, as well as episodes of Daybreak and Primeval. Thanks so much to the both of you!

Toy talk continues with Brad's new Spider Spud, iRiver, and Motorola phone tools kit. Brad and Christina christen their new dvd rack with Batman Beyond season 3, Justice League season 2, Jackie Chan Miracles, Teen Titans:Trouble in Tokyo, and Leroy & Stitch. Not to be called couch potatoes, they also picked up books including Jim Butcher's Dresden novels Storm Front and Fool Moon, Scott Sigler's Ancestor, the final novel in the Left Behind series, Kingdom Come, and the heartbreaking Velveteen Rabbit. Brad gives Christina an autographed photo of Mary McDonnell, and picks up the new Trace Adkins cd. Glenn's bought The Protector, the newest in the Mon-Sieur Bome collection of figures (this time it's Kasumi of DoA fame), and discusses the loss of his decade-long pony tail, donated to Locks of Love, while Shane shows off his new pick.

In closing, we look forward to the remake of Barbarella by De Laurentis, and the Supernatural:Origins comic. Christina is even more excited than usual by the recently aired episode of Doctor Who, which filmed in Shakespeare's Globe.

The promo this week graciously given by The Better Late Than Never Podcast.

Music this week by The Great Luke Ski, entitled It Takes Who.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Episode 43 --- ThunderCats Over Louisville - Part A

The geeksome threesome returns with their special guest, Shane!

We begin with our week in geek with what we've been up to. Glenn's finally watching Lost, more Dangerman and, to Shane's happiness, the first season of 24. We discuss Keifer (once a vampire), and Donald (once a Watcher) Sutherland. Glenn's playing Ghost Recon-Advanced Warfighter 2, while Chrisitna is addicted to the simplistic Chicken Invaders 2 on

Brad weaves the epic tale of the ill-timed death of the Culture Cruiser's battery, and Shane mourns the illness of his brand new HD television, and the horror from

Our DVD players overfloweth this week. Glenn's watching Children of Men, Lost, and Dangerman, while pining for the Space 1999 set. Brad and Christina talk (spoiler free) about the series finale of Stargate: SG-1. The three discuss Casnio Royale, both pro and con, and even about the James Bond comic by Mike Grell. We cover Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond, and the awesomeness of John Glover's voice.

On a similar note, we discuss the new "remake" genre with TMNT, as well as the upcoming Astroboy and Gatchaman movies. Believe it or not, Christina has a flashback to her childhood adoration of The Greatest American Hero. Did you have a show you watched when you were young? If you've seen it again recently, is it as good as you remember, or are you trying to figure out why the heck you ever enjoyed it in the first place? Let us know!

Geek Cuisine this week is Orange Cream Hershey Kisses , and Christina reveals her Peep weakness.

Promos this week come graciously from Cup Car Update, and Indiana Jim (from the Things Are Looking Up podcast) for the Dragon Hearth podcast.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Episode 42 --- Goodnight Ninja

After a silent week in respect for the passing of our friend and fellow podcaster, Joe Murphy, The Culture Crew returns to pay one more tribute.

A very special Geek Cuisine incorporates two of Joe's favorite sources of sugar. We've got four varieties of root beer: Thomas Kemper, Hank's, Stewarts, and Abita. Combine those with the fantastic Australian Violet Crumble candy bar, and you can practically hear our teeth ache!

Our musical guests for this tribute are two of Joe's favorite geeky songs, Skullcrusher Mountain from the fabulous Jonathan Coulton, and Scott Bakula by Sunspot Music.

Finally, a song written especially in Joe's honor. Enjoy Mason Rocket by the band, Beatnik Turtles.

We'll be back next week with our normal doses of geektainment.

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

No new show this week ......

The PodCulture feed will be silent this week. Our friend and fellow podcaster Joe Murphy passed away today. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Very special thanks to Cheyenne Wright from for the fantastic artwork of two fallen heroes!